About Us

yello brick is a creative agency that builds engaging and participatory experiences. We do this through storytelling and by creating happenstance. We develop stories that create new realities in our everyday spaces, that ignite the imagination and stimulate conversations and connections. These unique immersive experiences are created by utilising digital, theatrical and art based forms.

Reverie is a yello brick production and a collaboration with Gerald Tyler and thinkARK and would not have been possible without the support of The Arts Council of Wales, Chapter Arts Centre, Hoffi, National Theatre Wales and Wales Millennium Centre.


The game itself has a number of collaborators who are listed below:

  • Producers - Alison John, Julian Sykes, Natalie Clements (yello brick)
  • Game and Story - yello brick
  • Writer and director - Gerald Tyler
  • Story development - Simon Howells
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