How to Play

Following on from the sell out success of yello brick's previous production Everwake, Reverie is a new type of entertainment and narrative. Mixing roaming theatre, street gaming and online storytelling to create a rich world of memories and vivid experiences.

There are a number of ways to experience and play Reverie;

  • You can discover - uncover fragments of the story by unlocking content online - this will lead you to some interesting pieces of the puzzle. Keep your eyes peeled for clues that are hidden within seemingly everyday things.
  • You can play - Join the pervasive/street game at 7pm on 25th May with a full run from 27th May - 1st June starting from a secret location. The game will be a mixture of puzzles, running, intrigue, and theatrical happenings. The event spans the whole of Cardiff Bay and requires participants to move between several locations on foot. You will be placed in groups of six - you can come as a ready made group or we can match you up with other players. Participants are advised to book tickets in advance in order to interact with all parts of the story.

What you will need:

Wear comfortable clothing and footwear; the game has some physical elements which won't be best undertaken with high heels. The game will take place in locations indoors and out, so be prepared for wet weather. Pack your essentials - mobile phone and money are always handy.

What next?

This is a ticketed event so you will need to buy a ticket from Chapter Arts Centre. It is important that on booking that you give your telephone number and email address so that we can contact you and inform you of the start location once you have your ticket. The time advertised is the actual start of the game so we recommend that you arrive at least 30mins before to ensure that you have collected your tickets in plenty of time before the event begins.

How long?

The game will last about 3 hours so make sure you've got whatever you need with you for the night. You will be starting in groups of six people. You will be given initial instructions on arrival but the rest of the journey will be determined by you and your team.


For more detailed information on booking tickets, what to expect and how to find out about the secret start location visit our FAQ's page.

Reverie is a yello brick production and a collaboration with Gerald Tyler and thinkARK and would not have been possible without the support of The Arts Council of Wales, Chapter Arts Centre, Hoffi, National Theatre Wales and Wales Millennium Centre.

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