We've put together some FAQ's for you lovely people. If you want to find out what it's really all about the best thing you can do is come and play.

  • What is Reverie?

    Reverie is a mix of roaming theatre and street game. In simplest terms this means theatre that uses game mechanics and technology and is played out within the city. Reverie is a supernatural thriller that takes you into a world of ghosts and forgotten myths.

  • How do I play?

    There are a number of ways to experience and play Reverie;

    • You can discover fragments of the story by unlocking content online this will lead you to some interesting pieces of the puzzle. Look closely at our facebook page and promotional materials to find clues.

    • The game will be played 7 times (so that means you only have to play for one night, although we hope you might like it so much you come and play again :-)), pick a night to play and book your tickets in advance dates are 25th May, 27th May - 1st June.

  • Where can I book tickets?

    You can book tickets from Chapter Arts Centre by phone 029 2031 1050 or online.

  • Can I buy tickets on the night?

    Tickets will be available up until 5pm on the day of each game.
    Online content will be available in the weeks leading up to the run therefore we are advising people to book in advance to engage with the whole experience.

  • Where and when do I collect my pre-booked tickets?

    You can either collect your tickets from Chapter Box Office in advance of the day of the game OR you can collect your pre-booked tickets on the night from the starting point in Cardiff Bay. The time advertised is the actual start of the game so if you are collecting tickets on-site we recommend that you arrive at least 30 mins beforehand.

  • Where will the game take place?

    The game will take place in Cardiff Bay across multiple venues and starts at a secret location.

  • How will I know where the production starts?

    Once you have booked a ticket we will email you a couple of weeks before with details of the secret location and how to get there. It is therefore essential upon booking your tickets that you give the box office your email address and mobile number. This personal information will be used only by us to inform you of information relating to the game.

  • How long will the game last?

    The game will last approx 3 hours so make sure you've got whatever you need with you for the night.

  • What should I expect?

    Participants will be placed in groups of six or can come as a ready made team.
    You will be given initial instructions on arrival but the rest of the journey will be determined by you and your team. You will not be asked to play a role or do anything that you are uncomfortable with - we just want to take you on an exciting journey that takes you to new and wonderful places in the city.

  • What should I bring?

    Wear comfortable clothing and footwear; the game has some physical elements which won't be best undertaken with high heels. The game will take place in locations indoors and out, so be prepared for wet weather. Pack your essentials remember to bring your mobile phone and money for souvenirs as we cannot take card payments.

  • Is there any running?

    There are some physical elements to the experience however you do not have to run - you can decide the pace at which you experience the game.

  • Do I need to come as a ready made team?

    If you have a team organised before you arrive, that's super.
    Don't worry if you haven't got a team, we will help you find a group of six to play with on the night.

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